Innovative sustainable technologies emerge from the combination of ecology and economy

Article in the Fraunhofer magazine weiter.vorn (PDF in German)


Economy and ecology are not opposites: The bioeconomy combines the two in an intelligent way and thus enables bio-based and sustainable economic growth.

The bioeconomy should make a significant contribution to achieving the UN sustainability goals. This can only succeed if all social, economic and political contexts are taken into account.

Research is believed to play an important role in this because the transition to a bioeconomy is largely driven by scientific and technical innovations. In this way, sustainability also creates numerous new business models. An overview is provided by the current Fraunhofer magazine “weiter vorn”, in which Fraunhofer EMB head Professor Charli Kruse reports on the Lübeck-based aquaculture system, in which production cycles for the environmentally compatible production of marine resources can be tested on an industrial scale.

Many other Fraunhofer EMB projects are pursuing the goal of converting the economy from a consuming to a sustainable mode of production. This means that our society must move from linear production processes to circular economies.

Exciting perspectives are developing for numerous business areas: