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The Fraunhofer EMB combines scientific know-how with industry related research in the field of life sciences. We develop new technologies, processes and devices for cell isolation, cell handling and cell analysis. The core competences of our institution are cell and tissue culture methods of diverse vertebrates from fish to humans.  With the “Cryo-Brehm” we maintain one of the biggest archives for cell cultures from vertebrates worldwide. The innovative cell technologies are deployed in diagnosis & prevention, medicine and cosmetics. Moreover, we work on possibilities to exploit aquatic natural resources for food engineering and we are equipped with large-scale technological aquaculture facilities in which marine organisms are cultivated.

8th Industrial Cell Technology Symposium

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„Ich liebe Fisch“

We have a new cooperation project that is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture with a about 1,25 million Euro grant.


7th Industrial Cell Technology symposium

The 7th annual meeting for industrial cell technology focused on key strategies, which help to bring cell and tissue based technologies to industrial scales.  

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