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The research and development projects of Fraunhofer EMB are given a new dynamic due to society's desire for a sustainable bio-based economy. Our technologies address global challenges such as climate change, the decline in biodiversity as well as the problem of increasingly scarce resources and usable space with a simultaneously growing world population.

In particular, biotechnology shows its key role as a driver and pioneer for new technologies and manufacturing processes.

The competencies and business areas of the Fraunhofer EMB have the prospect of securing biodiversity, optimizing the food supply and maintaining the health of the population through healthy food and innovative medical processes. This is not about improved long-term therapy but about regenerative healing.

We look forward to giving you impulses together with new technologies and products of the bioeconomy.

The EMB is an associated part of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Individualized and Cell-Based Medical Engineering IMTE.



Alternative to fishing: cell-based fish from the bioreactor

Today, around 90 percent of all fish stocks are considered to be maximally exploited or overfished. But in view of the growing world population, more and more people are dependent on fish as a source of protein. Bluu GmbH has a solution to the problem. The company specializes in the production of cell-based fish. 


Advantage through tech transfer: the successful transfer strategy of the Fraunhofer EMB

In the past year, Fraunhofer EMB achieved high returns through spin-offs and was honored for the best acquisition in September 2020. Fraunhofer Venture spoke to Professor Charli Kruse, head of the EMB, about the strategic background.


Exhibit "Ecosystem Aquaculture" on the MS Science

In the Science Year 2020|21 - Bioeconomy the exhibition ship MS Wissenschaft toured 19 cities in Germany on behalf of the BMBF. It also continues in 2021.


The Fraunhofer EMB is represented in the exhibition and informs with its exhibit "Ecosystem Aquaculture" about sustainable circulation systems of the future.


Bioeconomy - bio-based and sustainable economic growth

Could the current corona crisis be an opportunity to move our economic system from a linear to a circular economy?
Find out in the current Fraunhofer magazine about the possible prospects for sustainable business models.


COVID-19 antibody test: Fraunhofer EMB supports EUROIMMUN AG

For the production of new serological test systems for COVID-19 diagnosis, the Fraunhofer EMB provides its laboratory infrastructure and expert knowledge.

Warning: We do not market products ourselves or commission representatives to do so. If someone claims to be selling or offering products on our behalf, this is wrong and misleading. Please inform us at once about this if it occurs.

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