Cellular and Molecular Prognostic Markers and Diagnostic Tools

Long before chronic diseases become manifest and diagnosable, subtle but measurable changes take place at the cellular level. The working group Diagnostic Markers is working on making them quantifiable and thus usable for applications in the field of primary and secondary prevention. In particular, cellular and molecular features are examined and validated. The aim is to make the effect of intervening measures such as lifestyle changes visible using innovative measurement methods. In addition, in collaboration with the Scientific Equipment Group and external partners, we are pursuing the development of novel sensor and device technology to enable the routine detection of physiological and cell physiological parameters and the broad applicability of the methods.

- Detection of prevention-relevant markers using cell and molecular biological methods

- Development and validation of measurement methods and measuring instruments for the quantification of prognostic markers

- Validation of established measuring methods for the quantification of cellular and physiological features for use in the field of preventive diagnostics.

- In vitro diagnostics

- Prevention

- Nutritional medicine

- Sports medicine

- Health Economics

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