Cell Culture and Cell Analysis

The cell culture lab conforms to safety level 1 (S1). In the labs, there is equipment that allows cell analysis through immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, FACS analyses, automatic cell counting, cell functional analyses, molecular biology and protein biochemistry analyses as well as various histological methods. Furthermore, with the current know-how it is possible to establish cell cultures from different organisms and organs and to cultivate them for months and even years.

From these, a collection of deep-frozen stem cells from wild animals came into being, the “CRYO-BREHM”, based on the reference work “Brehm’s Life of Animals.” With the help of a mobile cell technology lab, cells can be isolated, processed and preserved directly on-site from fresh tissue samples. The mobile lab container is equipped with a sterile workbench, centrifuges, an OR table, a water bath and nitrogen tank. Cell characterization is further optimized every year owing to a high number of different antibodies and primers. Many different kinds of services can be offered to the facility’s working groups and external clients. These include the preparation of paraffin sections, vibratome sections and cryosections, the testing of different cell culture materials, cell culture additives, primers and antibodies, as well as new cell isolation methods for various tissues. Three-dimensional cell aggregates can be prepared from different primary cell isolates, which – like the individual cells – can be used for cytotoxicity tests, vitality tests and protein analyses.