Simulation Center for Maritime Technology

The Fraunhofer EMB operates several simulation facilities with the aim of promoting the development of innovative appliances and devices around the topic “Maritime Technology”. The equipment facilitates the time- and cost-saving development and inspection of instruments excluding external factors like weather, wind and currents. In the basins for wave simulation or sea surf we can produce waves of various intensities to test the behavior of floating bodies, buoys or submersibles. In addition we operate a deep sea simulator in which we can test instruments for tightness, pressure stability and function before their use in the sea. With this system we can apply a pressure equivalent to 10 km sea depth to sensors, camera systems or other modules. The pressure chamber can be used with sea and freshwater as well as with fully demineralized water.


Service Portfolio

-          Research vessel “Joseph von Fraunhofer”

-          Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB)

-          Deep sea simulator (Pressure chamber)

-          Wave simulator basin

-          Sea surf basin