Mobile Cell Technology Lab

The mobile cell technology lab of the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology consists of an all-terrain, four-wheel-drive truck and a self-unloading lab container. Within 14 m² (150.7 ft²), there is a fully equipped cell culture lab that allows the analysis and preservation of sample material directly on-site. The lab boasts an autonomous energy supply through a solar collector and power generator. It has been designed for any use, even in remote areas and on rough terrain. Regardless of the truck, the lab container can be set down on any terrain on four adjustable support feet. Air conditioning keeps the room temperature constant during sample processing. A satellite antenna secures worldwide communication capability and allows the immediate processing and sending of data and images. The compact equipment, which includes an OR table, sterile workbench, centrifuge, autoclave, incubator, freezer and nitrogen tank, allows researchers to perform direct on-site sample analysis and preservation. The mobile lab also has a trailer that offers space for a 6-m (19.7 ft.) rubber dinghy with diving equipment intended for sampling in the North and Baltic Sea.

Lab containers

  •     Solar cells / power generator
  •     Heating / air conditioning
  •     Internet / telephone via satellite / UMTS
  •     Microscopes with PC and flat screen connection
  •     Clean bench
  •     Nitrogen container
  •     Autoclave
  •     Incubator
  •     Refrigerator
  •     Centrifuge
  •     Shaker
  •     Water bath
  •     Wastewater containers
  •     Airlock leading to the vestibule


  •     Fourwheel drive
  •     Cable winches (front and back)
  •     Heat protection panes and double glazing
  •     Climate control and heating
  •     Navigation system for Europe
  •     Reverse and lateral mirror camera
  •     Audio-video package
  •     Hands-free kit
  •     Refrigerator
  •     2 comfortable seats

Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) 

  •     Chartplotter
  •     Fish finder (sonar)
  •     VHF
  •     2 saddle seats
  •     Instrument carrier with work and position lighting
  •     Diving ladder
  •     Holder for 6 scuba tanks
  •     150 HP outboard motor (15 HP emergency outboard motor)

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Use on the Norwegian coast

The mobile stem cell laboratory was first prepared for use abroad in December 2012. The expedition took place from January 5 to 11, 2013. The operational fitness of the stem cell truck was tested in Bergen (Norway) in collaboration with Eppendorf Co., under extreme conditions. To that end, the truck was driven all the way to Bergen via land and ferry and then used in a small fishing village on the coast, where fresh cod was taken from the cutter. Various organs were extracted from the cod and used to prepare the cells. After two days, the return trip began. This exotic location was selected, among other things, because a team filming polar researcher Arved Fuchs was on its way to the Lofoten islands along the coast at the same time. The explorer followed in the footsteps of the historic Lofoten fishermen all the way to their modern cod fishing counterparts, who even today travel from all over the country to the fishing area in front of the northern Norwegian islands, leaving shortly before Christmas. On his journey, Arved Fuchs visited the stem cell lab of the Fraunhofer EMB to document the isolation of cod cells as pioneering technology.

Service- and Information data sheet