Contract Research


R&D projects are executed in result-oriented stages, starting with a technical market study and the feasibility study derived from it, then continuing with the prototype development and the field test (clinical study) and ending with the development of cost-optimized production methods and technology developments.

Practical relevance:

The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology executes projects in close coordination with the respective customers to achieve the highest possible practical relevance. Closeness to customers is a key feature and an important prerequisite for satisfying market needs from basic research.


The specific form, focus and scope of project work are determined by the requirements and expectations of the customer or client.


Our use of the research strategy of the Fraunhofer Society, with its more than 80 research facilities, of which 67 are institutes located in over 40 locations, and the Fraunhofer’s Life Sciences Alliance founded in 2001 – now encompassing six Fraunhofer institutes (IBMT, IGB, IME, ITEM, IVV and IZI) plus one Fraunhofer facility (EMB) – creates synergistic effects. Specialized knowledge from a wide variety of research fields can be cooperatively utilized and allows competent processing of multidisciplinary issues as well. Cooperation agreements offer complete value chains to EMB customers.


On-time delivery and reliability characterize the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology. By drawing up a functional specification requirement in cooperation with the customer, we ensure the coordinated content accuracy and timely execution of the projects.

Value for the money:

R&D assignments are executed on the basis of actual cost. As a facility of the Fraunhofer Society, the EMB is a non-profit organization, and finances the necessary application-oriented research and initial research largely with the involvement of public-sector clients.

R&D results:

After successful completion of an R&D assignment, the results are made available to the customer.


By customer request, inquiries are handled with full confidentiality.


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