Patent Agreement

Contractual conclusion:

Creating fair and reliable contractual conditions for the customer is the highest priority. In this process, scientists and engineers are supported by an experienced contract department within the Fraunhofer Society..


The EMB is experienced in coordinating complex group undertakings and higher-level main projects. In this connection, administrative and coordinative tasks are taken over to secure good communication between project partners in the group and to minimize frictional losses.

Training sessions:

As a customer service, the EMB also offers employee training to introduce new processes and technologies. These training sessions can take place directly on-site in the customer’s plant.

Quality assurance:

The scientists and development engineers of the EMB follow modern project management rules. Projects and the associated work are subject to careful and ongoing verification according to time and cost, and are geared to a successful project conclusion. Computer-aided project controlling accompanies each individual order.

Grant opportunities:

The Fraunhofer Society helps customers exhaust all project grant opportunities. Long experience with successful grant applications from the European Union, the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and other awarding authorities supports customers in issues dealing with funding for research projects.

Contact and additional information:

Please call us if you have questions or would like to receive more information or a specific quote.


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