Networks and Cooperations

The intensive networking with partners from business and science supports our institution in the utility- and application-oriented research work. In this way, the competencies of different specialist disciplines are bundled and synergies are promoted in order to develop technological innovations.

The Fraunhofer EMB participates in the following networks and cooperations:


BIO Deutschland

Since March 2016, the topic "Industrial Cell Technology" has been present as a working group at the industry association BIO Germany. The content is about the development of complex cell culture systems and analysis technologies as well as the development of innovative devices and materials.



Zellkultur 2.0

The technology network "Cell Culture 2.0" initiated by EurA Consult AG aims to develop innovative approaches for production and quality assurance for new applications of human, animal and plant cells in medicine, pharmacy and nutrition.



Gesellschaft für Marine Aquakultur

The GMA - Society for Marine Aquaculture mbH - operates its own research and development plant (circulatory systems) for aquaculture in Büsum. The GMA supports the implementation of own and external applied research and development projects in the field of fish farming and husbandry. Fish, shellfish and plants are mainly produced in different production systems for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is one of the four shareholders of the GMA and thus also represented on the Supervisory Board. The EMB is currently cooperating with the GMA in a large joint project with partners from Malawi (



Brain AG

Through the strategic alliance NatLifE 2020, which was promoted on February 1, 2013 as the first strategic alliance of the BMBF program "Innovation Initiative Industrial Biotechnology", the Fraunhofer EMB is in regular contact with the Brain AG. Common goals are the development of innovative solutions and products for successful applications in the cosmetics and food industry.



University of Luebeck

Due to its scientific orientation, the University of Luebeck is a close partner of the Fraunhofer EMB. In the fields of medicine, computer science and life sciences, there is intensive exchange in numerous cooperation projects.



University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein

The clinics of the University Hospital S-H are a valuable partner for Fraunhofer EMB, especially in applied clinical research. The translation of scientific results into innovative therapies as well as the technology development for medicine and pharmaceutical industry create manifold starting points for research cooperations.




foodRegio is an industry network of northern German companies and institutions of the food industry - starting from the region of Lübeck. The network work focuses on nine thematic working groups with content on the entire value chain "nutrition". As a non-university research institution, the Fraunhofer EMB is one of the 80 members.



Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources

The Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) in Malawi, in addition to knowledge transfer, has set up graduates with entrepreneurial skills in agricultural growth, food security, prosperity and sustainable natural resource management through education, training, research, public relations and sound management.

The University is our partner in a large aquaculture research project with three different departments

• Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Department (LUANAR-AQF)

• Department of Human Nutrition and Health (LUANAR-HNH)

• Department of Food Science and Technology (LUANAR-FST)


Quantum for urban agriculture and environmental sanitation

Quantum for Urban Agriculture and Environmental Sanitation (QUALIVES) is a local non-governmental organization (NGO) involved in research, consulting and public relations. It brings together researchers from various disciplines of agriculture and related sectors for specific tasks. QUALIVES is cooperating closely with the Fraunhofer EMB and the Lilongwe-University.


Innovative Fish Farming Network Trust

The Innovative Fish Farmers Network Trust (IFFNT) is a network set up by the Malawi government to help strengthen fish farmers and promote aquaculture production in Malawi. As a partner in the ICH LOVE FISH project, the network promotes innovation by enabling fish farmers to share innovation.

Other important partners from university and university for current EMB projects:

Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen (FAU)

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo)

University of Kiel (CAU)

Other important partners from federal or state authorities in current EMB projects:

Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut Riems (FLI)

State Research Institute f. Agriculture and Fisheries M-V Born, Darß

Thünen Institute for Fishery Ecology Hamburg and Ahrensburg (TI-FOE)