Brief Portrait

We focus on Living cells

The Fraunhofer-Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology (EMB) works on research projects that focus on the utilization or analysis of cells.  Our core competence is a wide spread expertise in isolation, handling and manipulation of cells for which we develop possible applications in the medial, biotechnological and nutritional field.

The unique selling points of our institution are the excellent know-how in cultivating cells from marine organisms as well as valuable skills in cryoconservation of fish gametes. Moreover, we have long-standing experience in cultivating adult stem cells from diverse tissue sources. Especially for the exploitation of stem cells from human sweat glands we have a widespread patent portfolio. With the “Cryo-Brehm” we maintain one of the biggest archives for cell cultures from vertebrates worldwide.

For different business areas such as cell therapy, cosmetics, prevention & diagnostics we develop cell-based technologies and devices. Among others organ culture and cell-based model systems are to be applied that we create and adapt for several purposes.

Furthermore, we have a focus on food technology and aquaculture. To utilize marine resources such as fish, shells and algae we develop products along the entire value chain. State-of-the-art aquaculture facilities allow the technical testing of new circularly systems and the co-cultivation of diverse species. In addition, the culture of agricultural crops can be integrated in sustainable aquaponic systems. The utilization of marine resources within the food and feed sectors thus evolves as a new business segment.

With our location in Luebeck the Fraunhofer EMB has a strategic excellent position within Northern Germany. All science centers in the north of Germany can be reached easily which enables us to realize various cooperations. Schleswig-Holstein with its coastal areas on the North and Baltic See is predestinated for such a research institution.