We are a member of the Fraunhofer EMB Life Sciences Alliance

The Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology is the seventh member of the Fraunhofer Life Sciences Alliance founded in 2001. It concentrates primarily on cell-based and aquatic technology development.


Members of the Fraunhofer Life Sciences Alliance

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The business fields


Medical Translation Research and Biomedical Technology:

The challenge: Innovative diagnostics and personalized therapy

Regenerative Medicine:

The challenge: Qualified biobanking and controlled self-healing

Healthy Food:

The challenge: High consumer acceptance and disease prevention

The New Potential for Biotechnology:

The challenge: Learning from nature for industrial utilization

Safety in Processes, Chemicals and Pesticides:

The challenge: Environmental conservation and consumer protection 

Fraunhofer Life Sciences Alliance

The Fraunhofer Life Sciences Alliance was founded in mid-2001 by the Fraunhofer Institutes IBMT, IGB, IME and ITEM. The group’s innovative strength is fed by the scientific expertise, dedication and creativity of its associates and is substantially developed through dialogue with our cooperation partners in the business sector.

Bundling these complementary areas of expertise results in a wide spectrum of methods and range of services. Only a few examples can be mentioned here, among them the search for new active pharmaceutical ingredients and their testing.

In addition to preclinical investigations at the molecular and cellular level all the way to tests using the animal model, clinical studies can also be carried out. Molecular medicine – with its areas of gene technology and genomics/proteomics – expands the spectrum of applied research in addition to molecular farming.

The main work areas include allergy and asthma research, screening technologies, tissue engineering and bioanalytics. In addition to a wide research field relating to environmental conservation and consumer protection, customers are offered a supplementary program in medical technology with bioimplants and the associated sensor technology.

The newly established Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI) joined the group in 2005.