Laboratory Equipment & Instrumentation

Within its current 5.200 m2 of floor space, the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology conducts state-of-the-art research & development and operates production laboratories.


Co-Culture Systems


  •     Co-culture systems
  •     Bioreactors in 1-2 L scale with control of relevant process  parameters
  •     Pipetting robots for assay automation (E.P. motion)
  •     Equipment for isolating and cultivating fish cells and mammalian cells
  •     Spectrophotometer
  •     Vibratome
  •     Automatic cell counter
  •     High-resolution microarray scanner
  •     Micromanipulator
  •     Equipment for in vitro manipulation of fish cells
  •     Establishment, optimization and standardization of cell culture processes for vertebrates
  •     Spotter for dosing/spotting different substances
  •     Automatic contact-free micro dispenser (nanoplotter)
  •     Electrophysiological measuring spot (multi-electrode array)
  •     Electroporator for in vitro and in-vivo applications
  •     Equipment for establishing in vitro cultures of aquatic invertebrate organisms
  •     Flow cytometer with sorting function
  •     Electronic precision glucose/lactate measuring instrument
  •     xCELLigence (non-invasive real-time cell monitoring by measuring electrical resistances)
  •     Bionas (real  time and label-free measuring instrument




  •    Hermetic storage for long-term storage of samples in the gaseous phase
  •    Workbench for manipulating cryosamples at temperatures under -80°C
  •    Automatic freezers for controlled refrigeration and freezing of samples
  •    Cryopreservation of fish and mammalian cells
  •    Nano osmometer and cooling cell (+20°C to -20°C)




  •     Microtomes
  •     Cryotomes
  •     Vibratomes
  •     Automated paraffin embedding machine




  •     Microscopes and research microscopes with time lapse function
  •     Proprietary software for automatic cell tracking
  •     Fluorescence microscopes
  •     Micro dissection technique
  •     Stereoscopic microscopes
  •     Confocal laser scanning


Molecular Biological Analyses


  •     Agarose gel electrophoresis
  •     Real time PCR cycler
  •     Nanodrop spectrophotometer
  •     Capillary gel electrophoresis
  •     Polyacrylamide electrophoresis and immunoblotting
  •     PCR cyclers (master cycler)
  •     Single cell PCR for 1 μl assay (slide cycler)
  •     Automated extraction machine for RNA and DNA (QIACube)
  •     Pipetting robot --> automated assays (QIAgility)
  •     GeXP system for sequencing, fragment analysis and gene expression investigations


Aquaria and Aquaculture Installations


  •    “Aquatic Habitat,” aquarium installation in rack format
  •     Lab-scale monitored circulation installations for breeding and  keeping salt and freshwater organisms     
  •     Integrated and multi-trophic aquaculture installation for simultaneous cultivation of several organisms
  •     Mobile real time nutrient, turbidity and gas analytical chemistry for fresh and seawater
  •     Cooling and heating systems for fresh and seawater
  •     Propagation cabinet for macroalgae and aquatic plants
  •     Facilities for propagating phyto and zooplankton
  •     TOC/TN analyzer
  •     PAR sensor (mobile)


Food Research


In the Technical Center for Applied Food Research, substances of aquatic origin are researched and their utilization potential in food sciences is investigated.

  •     Standard distillation
  •     Large-scale rotary evaporator (20 L)
  •     Freeze-drying equipment (10 kg/24h)
  •     HD Plus texture analyzer
  •     Rotation viscosimeter
  •     Cutting-grinding mill
  •     Fully automated fermentation tank (batch size: 20-60 liters)
  •     Soxhelet extractor
  •     Muffle furnace
  •     Sieve analysis machine
  •     Vacuum and freeze-drying machine
  •     pH titrator, KF titrator
  •     Homogenizers
  •     Various stirrers
  •     Ice machine
  •     Smoking cabinet/oven
  •     Cutter, Wolf
  •     Dual-basin deep fryer
  •     Grill plate (size: 2/1 GN)
  •     Compact combination steamer (6x 1/1 GN)
  •     Vacuum machine and sous vide


Film / Photo / 3D  


  •     Mobile, hand-held 3D laser scanner
  •     3D CAD software
  •     Imaging software for creating 3D models from CT/MRT data
  •     High-speed cameras
  •     Underwater camera
  •     Full HD single-lens reflex camera (various lenses)


Lab Device Development


  •     Panel saw
  •     Gas-shielded welders/microwelder
  •     Fully equipped mechanical shop
  •     Fully equipped electronic workplace
  •     Layout and simulation program for circuit-board development
  •     Manual and CNC-controlled lathes and milling machines



The Mobile Cell Technology Lab


This lab on 4 wheels creates flexible research options. Whether on an expedition or a necessary transfer path, the corresponding laboratory conditions facilitate safe cell handling and other biological samples. Samples can be taken on location and can be immediately processed and analyzed.


The Research Vessel


The “Joseph von Fraunhofer” vessel of the Fraunhofer EMB is another competence area of the facility. Thanks to modern navigation technology and a range of 300 nautical miles as well as the high flexibility of the vessel, the most varied research work can be performed on it.


We are happy to provide our laboratories and equipment as part of research and development projects.