Lübeck as a location for science

Sustainable site development through synergy effects of biomedical research

The last years have shown that innovative technologies can only be established interdisciplinary with the know-how of physicians, biotechnologists and engineers. At the Lübeck location, the conditions for biotechnological research are particularly optimal due to the proximity and networking of university, clinic and university of applied sciences. The jointly founded BioMedTec science campus bundles all competencies and intensively promotes technology transfer. Experts from a wide variety of disciplines have been able to initiate research cooperations that have been a dynamic driving force for innovation and have led to sustainable location development.

A common research strategy to make the best use of existing capacities

The Fraunhofer Institute for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology is closely linked with the University of Lübeck and the University of Applied Sciences Lübeck in terms of both content and personnel through projects and courses. Since summer 2011, Professor Charli Kruse has also held the chair of "Medical and Marine Biotechnology" at the University of Lübeck.

Within the framework of the BioMedTec Science Campus Lübeck, founded in 2012, a joint research strategy for the optimal use of existing capacities will be coordinated.

The aim of the BioMedTec science campus is to strategically combine all the universities, scientific institutions and industrial research and development institutions located in Lübeck in order to jointly form scientific focal points in order to strengthen Lübeck as a science location. BioMedTec stands for innovations in the fields of medicine, medical technology and biotechnology.

Since its foundation, the EMB and its university partners have worked together very successfully in the field of stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

By combining the medical expertise of the university with the biotechnological know-how of the Fraunhofer EMB, innovative therapy strategies will be developed in the future. The close neighbourhood and the resulting rapid exchange of information between the participating research institutions at the location represent an important competitive advantage