The Fraunhofer Research and Development Center for Marine and Cellular Biotechnology deals with industry-related research in the field of life sciences.

Our core competence is extensive expertise in the isolation, handling and manipulation of cells. Among other things, organ culture and cell-based model systems are used here for different questions.

Important unique selling points of the facility are the excellent know-how for the in vitro cultivation of cells of marine organisms as well as unique knowledge about the cryopreservation of fish gametes. In addition, many years of experience in the culture of adult stem cells from different tissues of various other vertebrates are available. There is a broad patent portfolio in particular for the utilization of stem cells from the sweat glands of the skin. With the "CRYO-BREHM", we maintain one of the world's largest archives for cell cultures from wild animals.

There is also a focus on aquaculture and food technology. The partly unique, large-scale aquaculture facilities of our facility enable diverse scientific studies and the breeding of marine and limnian organisms, some on a semi-industrial scale. We pursue sustainable approaches such as integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA, breeding of marine fish, mussels and algae) or aquaponics (breeding of fish and vegetables in fresh or brackish water).

 With the extensively equipped technical center for applied food research (TFAL), the Fraunhofer EMB has a multifunctional platform for the development of innovative food supplements, food and feed as well as food additives. When utilizing marine resources, such as For fish, mussels and algae, we develop products along the entire value chain.

With its expertise, the Fraunhofer EMB develops processes and devices for various business areas, e.g. Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals as well as food and aquaculture. In the field of marine biotechnology and cell technology, the EMB also works on topics for the future field of bioeconomy.

With the location in Lübeck, we have a strategically excellent place in Northern Germany. All science centers in Northern Germany can be reached quickly from Lübeck, which means that diverse collaborations can be realized. Schleswig-Holstein with its coastal sections to the North and Baltic Seas is almost predestined for such a research facility.

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