High-level Chilean economic delegation visiting the Fraunhofer- Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology

On August, 18, 2017 a delegation headed by Pablo Berazaluce, Chilean undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture and Dr. José Miguel Burgos, the director of Sernapesca, visited the Fraunhofer EMB.

It was only two weeks before that Dr. Sebastian Rakers (working group Aquatic Cell Technology) participated at a Chilean workshop focusing on the development of aquaculture in Chile. Due to intense conversations on-site this return visit concluded to deepen discussions on cooperation models. Together with the Fraunhofer Center for System Biology the Fraunhofer EMB plans to develop innovative technologies and manufacturing processes for the aquaculture in Chile.

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is engaged in South America for years to intensify applied research and development tasks with German and Chilean research institutions and enterprises. On the occasion of the foundation of the Fraunhofer CSB in Santiago di Chile in 2010 the Chilean State president Dr. Sebastián Piñera and the German Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel signed a mutual declaration.

The scientific exchange with Chile is tradition at the Fraunhofer EMB. Novel technologies have already been jointly developed and optimized in recent years. One approach with fish cell cultures, for example, paved the way for the examination of salmon diseases. The Fraunhofer EMB in Luebeck is equipped with industrial-scale aquaculture facilities which can be interconnected modularly for research projects. Apart from further international projects on fish farming in aquaculture for example with Malawi, a lot of cell biological projects in the field of cell-based test systems and biobanking are conducted.

The Head of the institution, Prof. Charli Kruse, and his employees welcomed the guests with a warm “Bienvenidos”. After extensive scientific exchange and a joint tour through the premises, exciting starting points for future cooperation could be specified.

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