Cellular Biotechnology

The biotechnological use of cells is the focus of the research and development efforts of the Department for Cellular Biotechnology. Our scopes of application for human and mammalian cells are biological test and model systems. We establish various organ cultures, which can be exploited for screening assays of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Moreover, we develop medical cell applications for tissue engineering and cell therapy purposes.

As cell source the department uses in particular stem cells derived from sweat glands but also from other exocrine glands, for which we have evolved a patented isolation procedure. A deployment for the therapy of chronical skin wounds or for peripheral nerve regeneration is currently undergoing testing. The key procedures of cell isolation, handling, propagation and cryoconservation are so far performed by painstaking manual labor. Several steps of the process are thus error-prone and time consuming, so that the required reproducibility can ensured just minimally. The aim of the department is to automate and standardize cell culture from isolation to cell usage. We therefore develop smart technologies and devices which allow quality management for innovative cell applications.