Cell based species protection

Brief Description

The working group is concerned with the development of cell technological methods for the measurement of health-relevant biomarkers. Primarily applications in the areas of primary and secondary prevention are pursued. The focus is on methods that can be used to measure the effects of individual lifestyle on various cellular and physiological parameters and thus strengthen the possibilities of individual preventive measures.

In the area of ​​biobanking, we participate in an R & D project for the development of an innovative sample storage technology in the low temperature range. In close cooperation with the University of Lübeck, we are working on the establishment of a centralized biobank at Campus Lübeck (https://www.uni-luebeck.de/biobank.html). In addition, we advise and advise on various cryo-biobank projects and, as a service provider with a wide range of services and expertise, ensure the highest possible quality of our customers' samples and cooperation partners.

Research Projects


Cryopreservation of neutrophil granulocytes

Neutrophil granulocytes are part of the immune system of vertebrates. They are of particular importance for research because they enable the investigation of many immunological and infection biological issues in vitro.


Automated cryo device

In a joint project we are working on the development of a future-oriented, highly flexible and integratable as well as particularly energy-efficient system for the long-term storage of biomaterials and other organic samples. Hereby we participate in the conception, carry out various technical and cell biological validation works and provide the scientific support of the whole project.



is a scientific collection that preserves biological information about the animal kingdom in a living form by preserving cell cultures.