Cell Technology

The rising life expectancy of the population confronts the health care system with serious challenges. For the intention of keeping people healthy into old age various innovative therapy strategies have been developed in recent years. The lack in focus on diagnostic innovations put a strain on the health sector and hampered the application of early and thus often more effective therapies. Very early diagnostics are still in their infancy, so that initial pathological changes of the body or its tissues and cells had to become obvious until a diagnosis is possible. The sooner a potential disease can be diagnosed the better is the chance of cure. And to go one step further, a diagnosis which reveals the tendency for a possible ailment might be an invaluable support for prevention.  It might be possible that comprehensive changes in lifestyle even before the disease outbreak can inhibit disease progress. This requires novel technologies and innovative detection methods that reveal and quantify early stress or other cell alterations. In the area of cell technology we currently develop and explore such technological innovations. Cell detection and scanning as well as morphological cell analyses provide information about the state of health. In addition the investigation of other biological descriptors would be relevant and important for industrial companies. Besides that, we focus on the development of novel appliances regarding guaranteed early detection.  The latest studies show, that smart ways of diagnosis will significantly improve the motivation for prevention. Such technologies will complete the diagnostic market and will play an essential role in the future.

With our evolved national and international networks we seek to drive forward innovation scouting and business development in the area of cell technology and device development.