Center for Applied Food Research

A food technology center for the future

Due to the population growth and the consistent use of land for food production, we should find additional sources of raw materials for important nutrients such as proteins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and vitamins, to feed us well in the future.

In addition, consumers are becoming more and more critical with food and its production and composition. The trend in food research therefore goes beyond "organic" to "clean label" products - products without the addition of artificial substances (flavors, antioxidants, stabilizers, preservatives, etc.).

The Fraunhofer EMB uses marine biotechnology and specifically investigates the use of biologically active substances of aquatic origin for food technology.

For this purpose, a "Technikum für angewandte Lebensmittelforschung" (TFAL) was set up, in which new ideas can be processed from the (aquatic) raw material source to the end product. Here, the scientists and engineers of the EMB develop food and food additives along the value chain: from the development of new sources of raw materials (alternative and sustainable), through the isolation of the materials, to prototype and product development. The TFAL thus serves as a multifunctional research platform for the food industry.

Fraunhofer EMB uses its ideas and expertise to develop foods of the future based on industry's questions.

Technical Equipment

· Microbial fermenter 10 l

· High pressure homogenizer up to 2000 bar

· Standard distillation, Soxhelet extractor

· Large capacity rotary evaporator

· Freeze drying plant (10Kg / 24h)

· Fully automatic fermenter (batch size 20-60 liters)

· Ice cream machine

· Incense / oven

· Cutter, Wolf

· Two-corner deep fryer

· Grill plate (2/1 GN size)

· Compact combi steamer (6x 1/1 GN)

· Vacuum machine and sous vide

· Texture Analyzer HD Plus, rotational viscometer

· PH titrator, KF titrator

· Refractometer, N2 storage tank

· Cutting mill, sieve analysis machine

· Muffle furnace, centrifuges

· Equipment for molecular biological & microbiological analyzes