Food Technology

Brief Description

Health and nutrition are future fields with high relevance for the economy and society. Therefore, the project "Fraunhofer Future Food" will be used to set up a new development center for food research in Lübeck. For us, application-oriented research for immediate benefit to the economy and to the benefit of society means the development of innovative, regional products related to the "real north" (eg use of resources from the sea) and support for the (northern) German food industry the development of innovations as well as close cooperation with the regional based companies.

Thanks to excellent networking in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and to experts from different disciplines from university research and industry, such as Natural and nutritional sciences, food technology and (nutritional) medicine enable us to incorporate new scientific findings as quickly as possible into the production of new (health-promoting) foods.

The Fraunhofer EMB offers the industry a multifunctional, neutral platform for the development of innovative food supplements, food and feed, as well as food additives in its extensive equipped technology center for applied food research (TFAL). In addition to prototype development, employees in the food industry also provide advice and develop creative solutions to new challenges. Examples of the wide range of applications of the TFAL are the following developments and research:

- Muschelpaste as a small series for presentation at distribution partners

- Beverage base for an alcohol-free soft drink (AFG) on a macroalgae basis

- Quality comparisons of fish from aquaculture with "fresh fish" from the market

The Research Center TFAL is set up according to current hygiene legislation and is operated according to Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Research Projects


„Fraunhofer Future Food“

The Fraunhofer EMB establishes a new develoment center for food research in Luebeck within the project „Fraunhofer Future Food“.

blue mussel spread

After harvest, too small mussels are usually used in favorable "seafood mixes" or even as an additive in (fish) feed. A breeder was looking for a better recovery option. From the idea of a spread (modeled on the anchovy paste) a tasty product was created. In the TFAL of the EMB, the recipe was further developed and produced in a small series, which is now introduced to the retail chains and manufacturers of delicacies.



An alcohol-free soft drink from algae

Researchers at EMB have developed a simple procedure that combines the full mouthfeel of sweetened soft drinks with the ease of amniotic fluid. The idea of malting was taken up and combined with the natural resource macroalgae. By means of a two-stage fermentation of the raw materials, it was possible to develop beverage raw materials, which together created the Fraunhofer EMB product.


Expertenbeitrag zum Wissenschaftsjahr 2016*17 - Meere und Ozeane

„Meeresrauschen“ ist der klangvolle Name einer neu entwickelten Algenlimonade. Robert Stieber, Leiter des Technikums für angewandte Lebensmittelforschung der Fraunhofer EMB, erklärt unter der Rubrik „Das sagen die Experten“ wie marinen Ressourcen für die Entwicklung innovativer Lebensmittel genutzt werden können. So konnte zum Beispiel ein biotechnologisches Verfahren etabliert werden, in dem aus verschiedenen Makroalgen ein schmackhaftes und kalorienreduziertes Erfrischungsgetränk, das Meeresrauschen“, produziert wird.