Food Technology

Brief Description

Health and nutrition are future fields with high relevance for economy and society. Therefore, the project “Fraunhofer Future Food” will be set up as a new development center for food research in Lübeck. For us, application-oriented research with concrete benefits for economy and society means developing innovative regional products directly relating to the “Authentic North” (e.g. making use of resources from the sea). The idea is to support the North-German food industry in developing innovations and to foster and expand our cooperation with locally based companies.

Thanks to excellent networking within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as well as with experts from different disciplines from university research and industry such as nutritional sciences, food technology and nutritional medicine, we are able to implement new scientific findings directly into production of innovative health promoting foods.

With its extensively equipped technology center for applied food research (TFAL) the Fraunhofer EMB offers a multifunctional platform for the development of innovative food supplements, food products and animal feed as well as food additives. In addition to prototype development our employees of the departments of bio- and food technology and food sciences are available for advice and work out creative solutions for new challenges.  No matter whether you are a start-up or SME, we will support any company of the food industry as well as its suppliers with our expertise.

The TFAL is set up in compliance with current hygiene legislation and is run according to Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Research Projects


Development of a beer speciality

In 2017, a craft beer brewery from Schleswig-Holstein mixed its beer with one of our algae beverage bases and created a new beer speciality together with us.



„Fraunhofer Future Food“

The Fraunhofer EMB establishes a new development center for food research in Lübeck, the project “Fraunhofer Future Food”.

blue mussel spread

Undersized mussels are usually thrown back into the sea or used in cheap sea food mixes. The owner of a mussel farm was looking for better options. The TFAL of EMB developed taste samples going with the idea of a spread (modeled on anchovy paste). A recipe was developed and produced in small batches, now being introduced to retail and manufacturers of delicacies.



An alcohol-free soft drink from algae

Scientists of the EMB have developed a process which combines the lightness of a fruit water with the full bodied flavor of a sugary soft drink. Picking up the idea of using malt, they blended it with the natural resource of macro algae. By a two stage fermentation of the raw materials it was possible to develop beverage bases, which together created the Fraunhofer EMB product.