Marine Biotechnology

In the field of marine biotechnology we develop cell technologies and molecular biologic methods for aquaculture. Our long-standing experience in establishing and characterizing cell cultures from various fish species enables a broad application of these cells e.g. as model and test systems or as basis for the development of diagnostic tools and vaccines for fish diseases. Our special expertise is the excellent know-how concerning in vitro cultures of cells derived from marine organisms as well as unique skills in cryopreserving fish gametes. Moreover, the large-scale aquaculture plants at the Fraunhofer EMB enable the breeding and keeping of marine organisms. We pursue sustainable approaches like the integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA, Cultivation of marine fish, mussels and algae) or aquaponics (Cultivation of fish and vegetables in sweet or brackish water). Within the land-based IMTA diverse marine organisms can be kept together in a circulating system, where all processes and the flow of substances can be optimally monitored. For the marine organisms we additionally develop food-technological application opportunities.  Our goal is the creation of innovative food prototypes produced from marine resources like stabilizers, antioxidants or several beverage bases.