Biomedical Analysis and Use of Cell-stimulus Interactions

Cells can be influenced by the body's own substances or by externally applied, artificial substances or radiation. The effects of these stimuli can promote the cell function, but also damage. The analysis of these interactions between cells and non-living matter may, on the one hand, help to detect side effects of known substances used (such as medicines), but also to manipulate cells directly with chemical or physical stimuli. The aim of the working group is to provide innovative methods for biomedical research and medicine.

- Multiparametric characterization of primary cells, cell lines and tissues

- Various biochemical assays and cytological stains (BrdU, MTT, annexin V, PI etc.)

- Confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, CASY, gel electrophoresis

- Testing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

- Regenerative or cell therapy medicine

- Biomaterial development

Working Group "Cell Technology"