Development of Cell-based Therapies from Sweat Gland Stem Cells

Research and development offer

Human adult stem cells from sweat glands (SGSCs) have great potential for regenerative therapies. It has already been shown in animal experiments that SGSCs promote skin wound healing, resulting in increased revascularization and faster closure of the wound. In the future, SGSCs will be made available for clinical use. For this an adaptation of the manufacturing and cultivation process according to GMP guidelines is necessary. In addition, further areas of application (for example biologization of implants) are to be tapped.

- Development of protocols for stem cell isolation and differentiation

- Design and development of biointegratable cell coatings for implants

-Use of animal models (mouse, rat) for the development of cell-based therapies in
Cooperation with the Medical Faculty of the University of Lübeck

- Regenerative medicine

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Medical technology

Working Group "Cell Differentiation"