Innovative Food

The food industry is under intense competition today as the German market is largely saturated. The innovations required for economic growth in the product range or the production processes can often not be developed and implemented, especially by small and medium-sized companies, due to insufficient capacities without the support of third parties. At the Fraunhofer EMB, a technical center for applied food research has been set up in recent years, which develops technologies for the development of new foods and opens them up to a food technology application.

- Production and analysis of new food supplements, feed and food

- Application development and development of innovative processes

- Prototype development

- Support in scale-up

- Analyzes such as texture, pH, sensors, microbiology of the prototypes created

- Development of natural flavor enhancers

- Funding advice

- Support with food law issues

- Manufacturer of food supplements, feed and food

- Innovations in the field of healthy nutrition

- Manufacturer of food additives

- Suppliers to the food industry


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