Image-based Cell Analysis

A software developed at the EMB allows the automated tracking of individual cells and the description of cell populations with unprecedented precision. This is made possible by continuously generated time lapse films of the cell lawn, which can be recorded noninvasively and during the normal cell culture routine. It creates a state description of the cell culture that even provides completely new information and thus represents an innovative high-content approach. This allows you to create growth curves, quantify mitoses and analyze the patterns of cell divisions. Image-based cytometry allows a quantitative and qualitative validation of cell cultures, ie a metric acquisition of biological processes.

- Creation of time-lapse films with and without fluorescence, optional: evaluation of the films with the EMB tracking software; hypothesis-free investigations of cell substrates and media

- Tube forming assay for angiogenesis studies

- Scratch and Migration Assays

- Toxicity tests

- Quality control of cell cultures for standardization

- Validation of screening hits in cellular test systems with tracking and metabolism measurements

- Cell culture

- Tests for the chemical and cosmetics industry

- In vitro diagnostics

Working Group "Cell Technology"